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My journal has gone friends only. Fics and icons will be made public, but everything else will be friends only.

Fic: One Would Call It Cheating

Title: One Would Call It Cheating
Author: Me!
Pairing/Character: Ted/Barney, ensemble, mentions of Lily/Marshall, Barney/Robin, Ted/Wife
Word Count: 1,832
Rating: PG13 to be safe
Summary: Barney cheats. But then, so does Ted. Barney/Ted, angst
Disclaimer: HIMYM doesn’t belong to me.
Author’s Notes: Written to prove to my friend that Barney/Ted does in fact work. So hah.

One Would Call It CheatingCollapse )

Fic: Insomnia

Title: Insomnia
Author: splashingfish
Pairing/Character: Ted/Barney
Word Count: 407
Rating: PG to be safe
Summary: Ted has insomnia, and everyone just wants him to sleep
Disclaimer: HIMYM isn’t mine.
Author's Notes: My first try at slash. Hopefully it’s not too bad… Also posted on himym_fic and barneyted .

InsomniaCollapse )


Omg, omg, omg!!! You'll never guess what happened!!


*dies* *comes back to life*

The link to the fic that got nominated is here. I can't believe it got nominated, especially since it's Don/Megan and like NO ONE writes/reads Don/Megan. *dies again*

*happy dance*

teh FISH is OUT 8D

Fic: A Gift for You, Take Two

Title: A Gift for You, Take Two
Cho attempts to outdo Jane’s gift.
Rating: K+ / PG
Cho/Lisbon (Chisbon), team
Red Sauce
A/N: I realized today that, although I'd posted this fic on mentalistfic and on FF.net, I'd yet to post it on my own journal. *fails* Lol.
The Mentalist and all its characters and themes belong to CBS and the show’s creators. If I owned the show, I would be having a bit of trouble as to whether Jane or Cho would be head-over-heels in love with Lisbon. >.<
A Gift for You, Take TwoCollapse )

My Closet of Badfics (Part 1)

I was sifting through the badfic community, looking at some of the NCIS stuff, and it reminded me of a CM/NCIS/House crossover I wrote a long time ago. At least two years, maybe more. It's laden with mis-spelling of names (which annoys the hell out of me these days -_-), lack of knowledge about certain shows, and just plain stupidity. Let's have a look, shall we?

Sporking is in bold.

Beware of badfic.Collapse )

Next time, I bring you chapter two of this horrible menace that is a very, very bad fic.

Writer's Block: Home Remedies

When you get sick or have a cold, what's your favorite remedy to make you feel better?
Staying home to get some R&R. :D

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

What's the most-played song in your music library?
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Breaking News...

... or not. :D Gotcha! lol

Anyway, so I'm happy today, despite the two tests and a pop quiz I took today (Language Arts, History, and Health, if you were wondering). First of all, my math homework is 5 PROBLEMS. (YUS!) Second, it's a three-day weekend (four for my dad, since he had today off), since we have Labor Day (Monday) off. Third, we're going out to dinner tonight.

And finally, (and maybe most importantly) Brit's fiance is black!

Lmao. Okay, here's the story. And just in case you were wondering, no, Brit's not getting married, and no, her "fiance" isn't black.

So Brit decided she wanted to marry someone Canadian so they could move to Canada and grow an enchilada farm (yeah, I know, my friends are weird, but whatever, :D). And there's this seventh grader in her Spanish class who's Canadian, so she decided she was going to marry him. So today at lunch, he comes up to us like five minutes before the bell rang, and he goes, "Look, I'm not Canadian. My parents were born in Morocco and they moved to Canada."

And Cole, this other kid who sits at our table, goes, "So you're black?"

And why this is so funny, is mostly that it was just so random, but also partly because this kid is freakin' pale. He's like, as white as a fricking ghost. It was hilarious.

So yes, Brit is going to marry a black Canadian. And Cole is trying to get her fat so that she won't fit in her wedding dress. And Jen is fat and invisible. :D

lol. Lunch was weird. :D

Oh! And one more reason I'm happy: Today's Friday, which means Numb3rs is on at 10, which means that I FINALLY get to see the Numb3rs Season 6 preview. (YUS.)

So, yeah, happiness! :D

teh FISH is OUT ^_^

Rant: FanFiction (Part 2)

Okay, more stuff to rant about FanFiction.

First up, summaries. Here's an example of the worst summary ever: This is my first fanfiction ever so please be nice and I suck at summaries so please don't flame it makes me really sad.

Here's another one: This is a fandom name fanfiction about character name and other character name and they go on an adventure but something happens. First story don't flame.

So you might be wondering what's wrong with those two summaries, other than the repulsing grammar and lack of commas, not to mention the amazing abundance of run-on sentences. Well, let's start with "My first FanFiction." I really don't freaking care if this your first FanFiction or your six millionth. In fact, I couldn't care less. I want to know what the story is about. Which brings me to my next point: When writing a summary, actually talk about the story. The second one is a little better than the first because it actually talks about the plot, but just saying that two characters go on an adventure and something happens is not enough. You aren't telling anyone anything about the plot, other than the fact that something happens. Wow. Imagine that.

And as for "don't flame", that sentence in itself always wants to make me flame them, regardless of whether or not the story is. I don't care if it's your first story. Flamers are flamers, and they suck, so deal with it.


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